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Some Cases Android Is Better Than iPhone


You are reading the most important topic that is burning, sorry a burning issue  where people really wanted to know which device fits great in all the aspects a user wanted his Phone to be! is it Android or an iPhone?

Without getting into any further boring details let’s dive into the topic.


In this contemporary world, we can get an Android Phone in less than 250  bucks with  pretty good specifications , not a high-end phone but a better phone. One best example of this is the Moto Series. This means that one can spend a little amount and grab a phone that pretty much works great and can do better when rooted (it’s another topic), but for an iPhone one has to spend a lot for just gaining a limited access, which I will get back to, in a minute.


 See how costly is an iPhone with different storage capacities!

Expandable Storage:

In the Android phones, though we have a pretty good Internal Storage say, 64GB even we can further move ahead and can increase our storage capacity with the external SD-card slot and it doesn’t cost extra for the external slot, on the flip-side in a iPhone we don’t ever a hear a word External-storage and if you want to have more storage you have to take a few more bucks from your pocket again.


The topic which is most often discussed around the world, including Apple Lovers is its App-Store where things are not in the right order, in the way they have to be because is a Closed Source as we all know it doesn’t allow third-party App developers through its app-store and every app that has to be entering into the store should get certified with apple itself {it’s like food getting certified before consumption, yeah I know that sounds crazy} where on the other hand is an open source and allows every app to be released into its app-store with a less amount as compare to Apple’s store.

app vs play


android customization

Coming to customization, Android is a platform that doesn’t have any limits rather call it boundaries for development. It allows its user get into depth where there is no difference between a user and a developer (Don’t fly folks! it’s just an example) and customization includes Changing of Custom-ROM, Widgets, and you can change its entire appearance with some basic knowledge on it.

This tells us how kind is Android to its users unlike Apple with all controlled on its own Where a user has the power to just change his Wallpaper.

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Universal Sharing and the Back-button:

This sounds little funny  to you but it actually makes sense Android allows its users to share data in multiple ways like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, Android-beam and many other third-party apps but an iPhone is just limited its users to share the data between two iPhones. What if I am in hurry and wanted my data to be transferred from my iPhone to Android? Simply no way!

Coming to back-button Android has a fluid OS which allows us quickly go back to the previous page or any app by just clicking the Back-Button (<) but in iPhone you have no such option available.

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‘Siri’ Vs ‘Google Now’:

Even-though Siri has a capability of recognizing voice more accurately than Google Now, it gives us a limited access and doesn’t really work with all the apps this is where Google Now comes into action, which helps us in any way possible in searching apps, numbers, any other actions like browsing Internet and its timeline for latest news (when swipe from left to right).


Google Maps:


Google Maps, as we all know is a great competitor and winner among any other apps around the world it’s known for its accuracy and Navigation and moreover we have Google-Maps in IOS too. This tells us how Android and Google are playing a major role in IOS too.

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There are many other Flaws of IOS like it doesn’t have a NFC in-built till date and it is not a water-proof phone, every accessory of an Apple product are too expensive, We can’t customize an iPhone except changing its wall and lock screen wallpapers and We find the same Animations which are so sluggish and no improvement in its resolution It is 2k16 and Apple ends up its brand new iPhone 6s with HD resolution 1080p where other Android Phones are rocking with 4K resolution.

This tells us Android has clearly won the race and will do win in the future too….! What do you think is the best Platform? please let me know in the comments below! 


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