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How to Take a Screenshot On Android Tablet

A screenshot- capturing the image displayed currently on your Android tablet screen– is a great tool for, among other things, sharing your images and creating elements to build presentations: Google introduced an easy way to do this with the Android 4, (Some earlier versions may also have this; you will need to try it, to find out).

How to Take a Screenshot On Android Tablet

How to screenshot on a tablet

How do you screenshot on a tablet? depends on the android version and the device you’re using. The instructions below cover most of the options. ​Once you have navigated to your desired screen:

​1. Press and hold down buttons:

    ​Devices that are running Android 4.0 or later.

    • ​Press and hold both Power/Lock and Volume down buttons - AT THE SAME TIME!​
    Press and hold down buttons

    ​​For earlier versions of Android and Samsung devices,

    • ​Press and hold both Power/Lock and Volume down buttons - AT THE SAME TIME!
    • ​​(It can take some practice to press the buttons exactly at the same time. Hold down for 2 or 3 seconds, before you release)

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    2. ​Release both buttons.

    ​You will know your image is captured if one or more of the following occur:

    • ​a copy of your screen is shown in a shrink frame.
    • a camera shutter sound
    • a notification bar appears

    3. ​Open the screenshot.

    ​​There are a number of different methods for doing this:

    • Open the Gallery app, and go to Screenshots
    • Tap screenshot to view it in full screen.
    • Share it, upload, copy it to other documents; you are limited only by the capabilities of your device.

    ​4. Find it in your Notifications screen (Android 4.2 and later):

    • You will find notification entry, usually a bar or a line.
    • Tap this to view and use the image.​

    If you are unable to find your screenshot images, connect to a PC.: 
    If you simply can’t find the images you captured on your device, connect it to PC (or Mac) computer, and view and use through that. You can TAKE IT FROM HERE. 

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