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How to Screenshot on Mac Os x

Screenshot on Mac is a great way to capture information for example a software bug that you want to report, high score on a game, or maybe for creating instructions for a task. Taking screenshot in Mac is really easy. You can use various keyboard shortcuts you can capture screenshot of the entire screen or you can also drag the box to the area which you want to screenshot.

There are various methods for mac os x screenshot. They are –

  • Screenshot mac os:

Method 1: Screenshot of a portion of your screen

If you want to take a screenshot of just a portion of your screen, then follow the steps below.


a.) Press Command + Shift + 4. After pressing it your cursor will turn into a small circle

b.) Click and Drag your cursor to the area you’d like to take screenshot of. A grayed rectangle will appear on the position where you cursor is present.

c.) Let go of the mouse. You will hear a camera shutter sound and your screenshot will saved.

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Method 2: Screenshot of entire screen

Take screenshot of the entire screen with this method.


a.) Press Command + Shift + 3. You will hear camera shutter sound.

b.) Your screenshot will be saved on the desktop

Method 3: Taking screenshot of Open Window

If you have opened various windows and you want to screenshot the one that is currently opened, follow the below mentioned steps


a.) Press Command+ Shift + 4 and then press Spacebar. Then cursor will turn into a small camera.

b.) Position the cursor over the window which you want to screenshot. Those windows will be highlighted blue. You can also use Command+Tab to navigate through other windows

  • Mac os screenshot App:

You can also different apps built to take screenshot easily on your Mac. Here are few of the apps:

a.) Skitch: You can use this application to take screenshot and then upload it online.

b) Monosnap: It is a powerful screenshot tool through which you can edit your screenshot after taking it. It’s features also include annotating and upload to web.

c.) Jing: It is also similar to Skitch. You can take screenshot easily and upload it to web.

Image source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201361