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All Methods for Taking Screenshot on Your PC

There always come a time for any native user of the PC to take screenshot whether for tech support, or for emailing it to a friend or for any professional purpose (Maybe to write a how-to guide like this one). So one should be aware of different techniques for taking a screenshot on PC as there are plenty.

Below mentioned are two different techniques for taking screenshot on your device, one is the simple Print Screen (PrntSCr) method and the other is using a snipping tool. 

Screenshot on computer Using Keyboard

Method 1:- By using Print Screen method (Prt Sc)

  1. Press the Print Screen (PrntScr) button on your keyboard while keeping the information to be captured on the front screenHow to Take Screenshot on PC
  2. Paste the screenshot

Once the screenshot has been taken, you would need to paste it somewhere. For this the best application is Paint. You can open the application through accessories and press Ctrl+V at the same timeYour screenshot will be pasted onto the canvas.

Alternatively you can also go to the paste button and paste the screenshot from there.

After pasting the screenshot next thing would be to save the screenshot. You can press Ctrl+S to save the image pasted into any format (JPG or PNG).

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Screenshot on Computer Using Snipping Tool

Method 2: Using an external Snipping tool

The basic Print Screen method is an easy one but it may also have many constraints which doesn’t get along well with the user. It only helps you to take screenshot of the present screen and it will take screenshot of the whole screen.Screenshot Using Snipping Tool

So if user wants to edit the screenshot or take the screen of only a particular area, then they have to edit the whole screenshot in Paint application. It may lead to waste of time and efforts by the user.

One alternative to it is using Snipping applications present online. These applications help you taking screenshot in much effective manner and are really flexible according to users needs.

If you want to know how to screenshot full page please click here. Here we will show you how to take screenshot using FastStone application. You can download it for free.

 And then, perform the following steps below:

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  1. Install the software with the above link. After the download an icon will automatically be placed on your desktop during the installation process.
  2. Start the program. You will also see a dialogue box in upper right hand corner of screen.
  3. Faststone application has some hotkeys for taking screenshot. You can use those keys but if another application is using the same hotkeys, you can change them in the FastStone’s settings.
  4. Click on the Print Screen (PrntScr) button present on the keyboard.
  5. You can use various options present in the application to edit your screenshot like Crop, Resize, Email, Print, Caption, Edge, Zoom in/out, Word (which allows you to send it to word , powerpoint etc)
  6. Save the screenshot.