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Screen Capture by Google Chrome Extension – A Top 3 List

We can capture our Desktop or Laptop screen by using our inbuilt screen capturing tools. But this tool is very basic and does not allow us to make any additional changes to it. On the other hand, a web page may longer that can be fitted in a single shot. In this article, I am going to tell you about the three best extensions in Google Chrome that can capture the whole web page in just a single click.

Screen Capture by Google

3 Best Screen Capture by Google Chrome Extension

Full Page Screen Capture :

Download the extension from Google Chrome Web Store. After that; you will find the camera icon on the top of your browser. By clicking on the icon, you can capture the complete web page. The extension will not ask for your permission, so using this tool is much more time saving.

Awesome Screenshot App :

Just like the name suggests, it is an awesome tool for capturing a screenshot. The app only works on Chrome 36 or later version. Apart from capturing a webpage, the extension also allows annotating on the screenshot.

Blipshot :

Blipshot is a great open source screen capturing tool for Google Chrome users. The best feature about the tool, you can save your screenshot in a PNG version also. Once you have installed the extension, you will get the Blipshot icon on the top right corner of your Chrome Browser. Now you can capture web pages by using the image icon.

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So these are the three best screen capture app for Android. Install and start capturing your web pages with these three best Google screenshot extensions.


P.S. If you want to know, how to take a screenshot by using these extensions in details, I suggest to read Step by Step Guide to Take Online Screenshot.



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