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Screenshot on Lenevo, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung Laptop

Before you go in details on how to screenshot on lenevo, Toshiba, Acer or any other laptop let me tell you that the screenshoting method is same for almost all brand laptops. Whatever laptop brand you are using, you can easily follow the steps and take screenshot on your laptop.

Steps of taking Screenshot on Dell, lenevo, samsung, acer

Method 1 Using Sniping Tool

windows has its best screenshot software  that comes with it when installed windows. To use this tool called |snipping tool, you need to-

  1. press windows button, or go to start and then type “snipping” then you will see an app like the image below:
    screen shot with snippint tool
  2. Click/open the app, then click on “New”
    screenshot on lenevo
  3. Now click and mark the area you want to take screen capture of. Next, release the mouse button.
  4. Now press “CTRL + S” button and save the captured screen as image.

Method 2 : Using “Print Screen” Button

This one is very simple, just press CTRL + Prt Sc (Print Screen) button, your screen will be captured and copied. Then open “Paint” or any image editing software and create a new canvas/blank image. Then press CTRL + V or paste the image there.


Method 3 : Using Various Screen capturing software.

You can capture screen by some screen capture tools which you can download from internet. Read this article on best screen capture software for windows.