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Why iPhone is better than Android?


Apple's iPhones are one of the leading phones in the world which consistently make their audience enjoy their flagships and never degrade the hope of audience. So far, Apple has released a very few flagships; probably 12 iPhones till date. And today I'm here to share few qualities that make iPhone better than Android.

Software & Hardware optimization

iphone hardware

Apple, being a closed source optimizes both Hardware and Software on its own. So probably the user doesn't have the ability to customize his software like you customize your Android by sources like Rooting, themes and Custom-ROM s and many other options, but even though you have the power to customize your Android, your phone may lag and start behaving strange sometimes.

So Apple to avoid these behaviours has not given the power of customization to its users. This helps the user to always have a smooth functionality and avoid things like Lagging and Hanging. And coming to hardware the OS has been optimized very effectively, for the welfare of the user.

Software update

software update

Coming to software update, Android fails in updating software, as only nexus devices gain access to update software as soon as the update is released and all other devices have to wait for a long time to gain updates.

On the flip-side , Apple which has only a few flagships about 12 has taken care in this section and it releases updates through out the world for the users at the same time. This means every iPhone user i.e., ranging from the iPhone 4 to the present day iPhone 6s + receive updates within no time on the release date itself. So , Apple clearly, clears the race without any exception.

App Quality & Availability

app quality and availability

When a app is developed by any developer, in the world the Developer first try to release it through Apple's App Store and then releases it in Play Store. And even any updates in an App can be noticed in iPhone and then later in Android. Such way , Apple is given priority first and then comes Android. Even the Quality of Apps are tested and approved in App Store unlike Play Store.



Apple has given its users wonderful accessories that are available to all iPhones. By all iPhones I meant to say that in Android Category accessories are only prior to high-end devices and most popular devices and the unpopular devices don't get access to few accessories, say if at all an Accessory is released for Sony Xperia Z 5, a popular phone. It will not be available to Xperia c 3,which is a unpopular phone. Whereas, in Apple there is no such discrimination. Accessories are available to all devices beginning from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6s+.

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Unbeaten Camera

Unbeaten Camera

Even many Android lovers, admit that Apple's iPhone has a great Camera that can't be beaten ever. Apple promises to give its users a great camera from the initial and fulfilled its promise so far and will do that in the future too. As the point Camera goes on Apple has a wonderful camera, which gives an amazing output with great quality and many Photographers even use iPhone to capture amazing images through phone.

Many Companies tried to beat Apple's camera but they could only achieve to match the camera to some extent but couldn't beat Apple. Also Apple's camera has initiated features like Slow-Mo video recording and Time-lapse videos too.. So Apple still remains the unbeaten in terms of Camera.

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After Sales Support

After Sales Support

Another aspect that impresses Android Lovers is the Sales Support given to the Apple's users. The Support given to the Apple's user is very impressive. They assist you in a way that no other services could do.Usually user go to service station to just repair his Damaged phone or just exchange it with the newest update.

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They help you in these aspects very well. They help you, getting your damaged phone repaired without messing around you and your product in a fixed time. And Coming to Exchanging your iPhone, you get a decent amount of cash-back no matter how old is your phone. And Apple has good reviews in this aspect.

So these are different aspects that make an iPhone better than an Android Phone. Please feel free to comment below which aspect you love the most about Apple's Flagships!

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