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How to Double Internet Speed In your Mac

Many Mac-users often face the problem of no proper Internet speed. And for those who face this problem, this article will help you in Increasing your Internet Speed. The trick that increases internet speed of mac from the previous ones is mentioned below in steps. For this Article to work; You probably need Mac, Internet and that’s all required lets get in to work.

Best Way to Increase Internet Speed in Mac 

First Step:

Check your Internet speed by heading over to Speedtest website and click on begin test. Later record those values for the proof that you’ve actually going to speed up mac internet.These values will be helpful to find the difference in Increase of your Internet Speed! I’ll talk about it in the Last Step.

increase internet speed mac

Second Step:

Open browser of your choice and Go to Google and search for  the word ‘namebench’, Click on the first link or head over to the following link below

And download the software by heading over to downloads from the above mentioned link and Download the first link which is for Mac OS.
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Third Step:

Have some fun till your download gets done! This is for the low-speed Internet users as we all are, the same till  this step.

After the download completes, open up the software and select the browser in which you want to run this software.But I recommend using Chrome Browser, and then click on Start.

Read how to screenshot on your device.

Now , the worst part comes-in. By the word, “worst part” , I meant to say that the software takes a long time, to show the result and when you finally get the result, You can find the ‘Recommended Configuration’ to increase your speed!


speed test net

Last Step:

And finally we are on the last step and very important step, This step involves deleting your existing DNS Server and adding the recommended Servers found using software in the Third Step.

To do this just head up to System Preferences > Network > And then go to Advanced option found below in the Wi-Fi Settings > and then click on DNS tab under the Advanced Settings and then remove the existing DNS server by just selecting the Server and clicking the ( – ) button found below the DNS Servers  section.

To Add the new servers found using Software, just press ( + ) button found beside the ( – ) button, and enter the new DNS Server’s address, and use the same method to add other DNS Servers as you will find about three Recommended DNS Servers which are Faster and Nearer to you and your surroundings.

system preference mac


And that’s it, the manual setup for increasing your internet speed on your Mac has been successfully accomplished and use the same Speedtest website to recheck your Internet Speed and check how well did your internet improve by verifying the values that you’ve previously recorded in your First Step.

For your surprise you will definitely find your speed getting doubled! That’s it! its so simple as that, but the only one problem with the software is it takes  much time to show better DNS Servers.

Let me know, the  increase that  you find in your Internet Speed? in the comments below!

Source and Citation:

  • https://code.google.com/p/namebench/

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