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How to Take Screenshot Online- A Step by Step Guide

Taking your computer screen or desktop screenshot is pretty easier with a basic keyboard shortcut. In the case, when you wanted to take a screenshot online from your internet browser, you will have to do some extra procedures or even better to use some tools that are there specially designed for this task. Let us see some of the ways used to capture a full browser page:

How to take online screenshot

How to Take Screenshot Online for Free

One of the fastest solutions is zooming out your browser page and use some default keyboard commands/ shortcuts to do this. It will be useful when the page extends beyond the visibility zone of your screen. Now you will have zoom out the page so that it get fitted into the display area. Make use of the computer commands (keyboard shortcuts) to take a screenshot online.

If you are making use of Window OS, then press ‘Print Screen’ button. It will save the page’s screenshot to your clipboard, then use a graphic editor paste it and save to your desktop as a separate new file in JPEG or PNG format. When using Mac OS, the keyboard shortcut is ‘Cmd-Shift-3’ to take a full page screenshot. Here the screenshot will be automatically saved on your desktop screen as a PNG file.

Online Screenshot Taker Software

Nowadays, so many screen-capturing software are available, and you can just make use of it on your computer. All you have to do is just download and install in one touch. Few reliable software to take online screenshots are

  • Snagit (both Windows and Mac),
  • FastStone Capture (Windows) and
  • Paparazzi (MacOS).

Some of the tools come as paid tools as well, and not all are free of cost.

Step by Step Guide to Take Online Screenshot

I suggest taking a look on the three best Google Chrome Extensions for capturing free screenshot online. Install the one; you like most then follow the below guidance to capture screenshot online.

#1: Search for the screen capturing software/app in search of Google Chrome store.

#2: Install the Screen Capture software launched by Google on your computer.

#3: Once installed, look for the screen capture button from the Chrome toolbar and click on it. The select an option called ‘Capture Whole Page’. You can also do this using ‘Ctrl+Alt+H’ keyboard shortcut.

#4: The Chrome browser will now look down to take a screenshot of the entire page, and when completed, a menu will be shown on that web page that permits explanations, and saves the screenshot.


So this the step by step guide to capture screenshot by using extensions.


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