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How to Take Screenshot on Any HTC

Taking screenshot on HTC phone is pretty simple but sometimes you just can’t get the hang of it. You might want to take the screenshot of that Facebook feed as it is or take the screenshot of that perfect picture for Instagram.

Here we will show you how to take screenshot on any HTC handset with Android as an operating system.


HTC One Screenshot

For taking screenshot of this particular device series, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

There are two methods for taking screenshot in an HTC device. We will discuss both the methods here.

Method 1: Hold power and volume down button

  1. Gather the content of which you want to take screenshot on screenhtc-one-screen-grab


2. Press power and volume down button at the same time.

Voila! You will hear a shutter sound and your screenshot will saved. The screenshot will be flashed on the screen for a few seconds. A notification will also be present on the drop down bar which you clear by a single swipe.

Method 2: Hold the power and tap the home button

This is also another method which can be used irrespective of the device being touch screen or capacitive model.

Tap the power button for a couple of seconds  and the home button. Just make sure that you do not hold to the power button too otherwise you will see the power dialogue option.

The only difference between the first method and the second method it has a different flash animation and different shutter sound.

After clicking the screenshot a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen. Although this method will not allow you to view the screenshot in the notification menu but you can still check it out from the Gallery.

  • Screenshot HTC One M8:

All the steps mentioned above will taken as it is to take the screenshot on HTC One M8 device.

The screenshot taken will be saved in the Gallery app of the phone and from there you can use it to share through email, or post it anywhere on the web.