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How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone (any Version)

Taking screenshot from an iPhone is a great way to share moments from your favourites videos, high scores of game, some bugs you want to report which you have found in your phone and much more. Now that with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, although the sleep/wake button has been moved to a new location, taking screenshot is still easy and quick as ever.

How to take Screenshot on iPhone (for iPhone 6 scroll down)

You can either take screenshot in iPhone using the default functionality, or use third party application.

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Method 1: Using Home and Sleep/Wake button

1.Open the application on your iPhone or go to the screen of which you want to take screenshot of. (or arrange all the things in the exact same manner in which you want to screenshot them)

Screenshot iPhone

2. Press and hold the Wake/Sleep button present on the panel and then press the Home button (By doing this you will prevent the activation of Siri or Touch ID by accident)

Picture of ​Method One: Pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake button to Snap

3. By pressing the buttons mentioned in above image in sequence of 2-1, you will hear a shutter sound and screen will flash white. The screenshot then taken will be saved in you All Photos album

4. Open the photo app in your iPhone and then you can check out the screenshot.

Method 2: Using 3rd party application: Screenshot- Frame Maker

It is a great utility tool that works perfectly on iPhone devices enables you to take screenshot of your iPhone screen. Another important feature is that it supports uploading screenshots to Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and exporting it to emails.

a.) Download Screenshot – Frame Maker from App store

b.) Run this app on your device and then go to the screen which you want to screenshot

c.) Press Power Button and Home button at the same time to snapshot the screen

d.) Once screenshot is taken, copy it to pasteboard or save it anywhere you like.

  • Screenshot iPhone 4s:

To take a screenshot of iPhone 4s, you will follow the above mentioned steps.

  • Screenshot iphone 6s

With the new iPhone 6s, the location of the sleep/wake button is changed but the method of taking screenshot remains the same.