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How to Factory Reset in Windows PC – Step by Step Guide for Windows 7 & 8

First, let us understand what is meant by factory settings. It is nothing but, making your computer go back to the initial state when you bought it first. So today we will learn about, how to factory reset in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How to Factory Reset  in Windows PC

How to Factory Reset  in Windows PC

It is really important to learn factory resetting in Windows PC. Here you will find a step by step guide for factory resetting in Window 7 and Window 8 PC.

How to Factory Reset Windows 7:

Windows 7 OS can be reestablished to ‘Factory settings’ in the event that you have the installation accessible to play out a reinstall or a completely new installation of Windows 7 OS. When the disc isn’t accessible, you can utilise ‘System Restore or Startup Repair’ to either reestablish the PC to a prior working time or to possibly repair blunders.

You can likewise utilise Easy Recovery Essentials. When have the Windows 7 installation disc available, you can use it to perform a repair of your computer (and attempt to fix potential issues). The steps are listed below:
Step 1.  Start your computer.Now, Press and hold the F8 key.
Step 2.  Using Advanced Boot Options, choose the option ‘Repair Your Computer’.
Step 3.  Press the ‘Enter’ key.
Step 4.  Select any keyboard language and then click ‘Next’ button.
Step 5.  When prompted, log in with the administrative account credentials.
Step 6.  Using the Systems recovery option, choose the ‘System Restore or Startup Repair’.
Step 7.  Then follow the wizard instructions that is shown there

The system restore can reestablish your PC to a prior date by the chance that it has been empowered and ran effectively, while Startup Repair can endeavour to alter any discovered blunders that may keep you from starting the Windows 7 OS.

How to Factory Reset Windows 8:

Windows 8 can be reestablished to factory settings by either playing out an “refresh” of your PC or by playing out a “reset”.

Refresh the Windows 8 OS
When you have planned to perform a “refresh” of your Windows 8 OS, then read the following instructions:

  • Now the current version of Windows 8 is 8.1, which is upgraded from the version 8.0, then the ‘refresh’ operation will store back all the contents of Windows 8. When you are done with the restoring then upgrade to Windows 8.1.
  • Applications introduced will be evacuated and a folder for backup will be created automatically. Applications that were initially introduced with Windows 8 would have been reinstalled once again.

To refresh Windows 8, use the following instruction which would guide you to go through this:

Step 1. Start your Windows 8 OS.
Step 2. Then go to ‘Settings’ icon on the screen.
Step 3. Click the ‘Change PC’ Settings
Step 4. Then click on ‘Update and recovery’.
Step 5. Next, click on the ‘Recovery’ option.
Step 6. Refresh your PC in such a way that it does not affect any of your stored files, now click ->Get started
Step 7. Then follow the instructions that have been shown on the wizard screen.

Using the ‘Automated Repair feature from Easy Recovery’options can fix any boot errors on the computer when you are performing a refresh in Windows 8.


Bottom Lines:

So these are methods for factory resetting in Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC. For any other Windows related issues you can visit here, or contact us through the comment box below.

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