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How to Delete windows.old Folder to Free Up Space

The Windows.old folder can take up a considerable amount of space. In an ideal situation, it may be 12 GB or so of hard disk space. In any case, it could without much of a stretch devour 20 GB, or significantly more — it relies on upon your past Windows installation and how vast it was.

How to Delete the Windows Old

How to Delete Windows Old 

Attempt to erase the windows.old folder from File Explorer like you would some other folder and you’ll get a mistake message. You could conceivably sidestep this mistake message by altering with the Windows.the old folder’s authorizations. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t trouble with that — that is not the right approach to evaluating this folder.
To erase this folder, utilize the Windows Disk Cleanup tool. On Windows 10, tap the Start catch, hunt down “Disk cleanup” in the Start menu, and dispatch the Disk cleanup application. You can likewise right-tap the C:\ drive in File Explorer, select Properties, and snap the “Disk Clean-up” button under the General tab.
Click the “Tidy up framework files” catch. You’ll see “Past Windows installation(s)” show up in the rundown, and Disk Cleanup will let you know how much space those files are taking up. Watch that choice and use Disk Cleanup to wipe the past Windows framework files away. You can likewise utilize this tool to wipe other superfluous files consuming up room on your framework drive.
There’s no drawback to evacuating the Windows.old index. For whatever length of time that you’re content with your present Windows framework and would prefer not to minimize — and insofar as you’re certain you have all your imperative files and don’t have to snatch a straggler from the Windows.old folder — you can simply ahead and expel it.
Windows will naturally expel the Windows.old folder a month after you redesign, in any case. Each one of those PCs that move up to Windows 10 will, in the long run, have the space utilized by the Windows.old folder arranged for, regardless of the fact that their clients never saw the Windows.old folder and don’t know the Disk Cleanup tool.


So this is how you can delete windows.old folder from your recent Windows OS. Click here to know other Windows tips.

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