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These Hacks Will Make You a Macbook Pro!


In today’s World owning a Mac-Book is no big deal, but having fun with the short-cuts that really make your work easy and effortless is the task that every-one wanted to master, but only a few can;If you really wanted to master those simple short-cuts here are few quick life-hacks to start-off with! Lets get to work!

12 Life Hacks to become a Mac Book “Pro”!

In-Built Screen Recorder.

You Tubers in the present world are crazy about screen recorders and spend a lot of money in getting the best one, luckily we have an in-built screen recorder in Mac Book.

To use it open QuickTime player and select New screen recording. Hit record and either select an area of your screen or the whole screen, when your done, hit the stop icon in the task bar and the player will auto-output video file for you. Ta-Da! There you go, you have now saved $100! see how handy your Mac Book is!


Ever stuck while reading an article just because you don’t know a word’s meaning? Highlight the text and use this simple short cut: Command+Control+D and boom! You will see the meaning, thesaurus and Wikipedia in a second you can also access it by clicking on the word with three fingers on the track-pad.

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How to take screenshot


Did you ever tried taking a screenshot of your Mac Book, If you want to, then use this short cut: Command+Shift+3, for the entire screenshot or  you can even take a screenshot of a particular area by using a short cut: Command+Shift+4, and selecting that particular area you want to capture.

Start up your Mac and change volume silently.

Annoyed of the crazy start up sound? I have a solution for you!  Start up your Mac silently by using this short cut: Power button+F10+Hold. And to change the volume silently use short cut: Shift+F12.

See all your windows.

To see all the windows that you have opened simply use the short cut key: Control+Up arrow

Close all your windows.

To close any of your window temporarily use the short cut: Command+W. You can find it in the dock.

To close any of your window completely use the short cut: Command+Q

Fun with Spotlight search.

To use your spotlight as calculator simply use the short cut: Command+Space, and you can also  open up your spotlight by just using the same short cut.

Type a special character.

To type a special character, press the character you wanted to specialise and then hold,For instance If I wanted E to be specialised I have to press E+Hold, and even If you wanted to type emojis you can use the short cut: Command+Control+Space.

Few more  Tips.

Command+Option+Control+*: Inverts the screen colours(Use this if you want to mess around with your friends Mac and fool him).

Command+Delete: Send files to trash.

Command+Shift+V: To  paste text without formatting.

Fn+Delete: Delete text from left to right

Play Tetris, Pong, Snake on Mac Book.

Bored of Using your Mac Book simply open your spotlight and type in Utilities and then search for Terminal and open it. Press “emacs” and press enter. On the next screen press Esc+X at the same time and type in any of these three words ‘tetris’, ‘pong’, or ‘snake’and enjoy your game.

Incognito in Safari.

Do you know even safari has private mode for private browsing. Fire your keyboard with the cheat-code: Command+Shift+N.

Fun tip.

If you want to get an apple logo on your notepad just press Option+Shift+K and there you go!

Did you find the apple logo? I am sure you will.

Thanks for your patience that made you read the entire content and Now Try that apple symbol down in the comment box! Remember it is Option+Shift+K! 

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