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GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokémon Go – Learn How to Fix and Enjoy Playing the Game

We live on the edge of the smartphone, when from sharing a comment on social media sites to recharging a phone or playing a game, everything is possible while roaming outside. Recently in the mid-2016, Niantic, Inc. published a game that is specially built for playing outside. In just a few months the game got five million downloads. Yes, I am talking about Pokémon GO.

Players of this game are facing an error these days; that is called, “GPS signal not found”. If you have already found this article, then I am taking it for granted that you are also a victim of this error. But not anymore. In the section below I have revealed how to fix GPS signal not found’ error in Pokémon Go. Both Android and iOS users can apply this method.

GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokémon Go

Step by Step Guide for Fixing GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokémon Go:

Step 1: Turn on your WiFi or data pack.

Step 2: Go outside and start exploring. In case if you have stacked in indoor do not remain in the same place for half to one minute. By doing this, you may witness GPS has come online. If not, jump to the next step below.

Step 3: Now check the GPS signal is turned on or not, on your device. Android users will find this in settings, privacy and safety, location. In the location tab, make sure your GPS is turned on. iPhone users follow the below path to activate your GPS button: Settings- privacy and safety- location. So in the location tab, iPhone users have to turn on the GPS.

I wish by doing this; you have successfully turned on GPS signal. So, now you can play the game without facing the error. However, the game is linked with an awful unstable server so it is not always your internet connection or phone setting’s fault. You can fix yours side of error by these three simple steps. So enjoy playing Pokémon Go. If you are still troubling with GPS signal not found error after doing all these steps, feel free to contact us through the comment box.

P.S. Turning on GPS signal may charges additional internet data usage. You can also learn here, how to reduce internet data usage in Android.

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