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Galaxy Note 3 Tips That You Didn’t Know!

The most admired flagships released by  Samsung so far, are it’s “Note-Series” which attracted many people around the world because of its Functionality,  Specifications and the most important one is its Stylus. It has rocked the world since its release and still being most sold phones. One among that series is Samsung Note 3.

Here are few tips for you folks which increases your productivity and have fun with your phone when you’re bored!

  • One-Handed operation
    One-Handed operationThe first tip is One-handed option, not everyone has big hands  and fingers like me! So Note 3 allows one-handed operation option for those with no big hands. To activate this option, Go to Settings > Controls > One handed option and enable the option Use for all screens. That’s it you are good to go! [divider] [/divider]
  • Incoming  Call settings
    Incoming Call settingsUsing this option, one can see a pop-up of voice calls with few options included like Answer the call, Loud Speaker, and Reject.To use this option Open your phone  > Settings > and enable Incoming Call Settings.

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  • Cursor Controls
    Fed up shifting the cursor between the words manually? Don’t worry folks Note 3 has provided us with a solution and that is Cursor Control! Using this option you can shift the cursor between words by swiping around your Keyboard in any direction you want.

To activate this option Open your Keyboard and Long Press on Voice Search option on Keyword to view Settings option, and then go to settings > Scroll down until you find the Cursor Control Option and enable it. Ta-Da! you’ve saved your time in typing friends

  • S-Pen keeper
    S-Pen keeperAre you bad at remembering things? And if you always forget your S-Pen in your house and worry about it then you should probably look around this option called S-Pen keeper. S-Pen keeper is the option that alerts you when you forget your S-Pen around. To enable it Go to Settings > Control > S-pen > S-pen keeper and enable it to warn you when you forget your S-pen. 
  • Air gesture
    Air gestureThis option is only for the lazy people around the world, if you are not a lazy person among us, then you should probably skip reading this.If you want to know all the notifications without touching your phone then Air Gesture is right for you.

You can view the notifications by just waving your hand over the phone.The option can be enabled by going to Settings > Controls > Motion Control(section in controls)>Air Gesture >enable the option  Quick Glance.

  • Air command
    Air commandAir Command is the option generally used to attach recent files in a message and many other features like to view images without opening them, but just hovering on the image you wanted and others. To enable this feature just go to Settings > Controls > Air Command and enable it.
  • Smart Stay
    Smart StayMany people like me sleep around while using their phones in nights. And lose their battery life throughout the night,to avoid this use the feature Smart Stay in Note 3 which Sense you and understand when you sleep and save your battery life. To enable this option Go to Settings > Controls > Smart Stay and enable it.
  • Shortcuts
    There are many other hidden features and many shortcuts in Note 3, among them the most used one’s are
  • When you double-tap on the back button you can see the Multi-Window option used to do multi-tasks at once.
  • And Double press Home button to enable S-Voice and the well-known option is when you press-hold the settings button you can view the previous tabs opened and switch between tabs.

These are some of the tips you can use in your Note 3 and have fun with your phone. You can feel free to comment below some other tips of Note 3.

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