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Ways to Reduce Internet Data Usage in your Android

Imagine you are in a situation where you have to send an important message online, but you end up seeing a message no Internet data!! Many people often face this situation but you're a wise guy right, that's why you are reading this article! Come-on guys, here are few tips which help you in getting out of this situation and make you even more wiser. I mean ways to reduce Internet Data usage in your Android. Lets get started.

reduce internet data usage android

Set Mobile data limit.

This feature helps you set a limit for the mobile data and switches off your mobile data when it reaches the limit you set. To activate this feature open settings > Data usage and there you go you will find an option to set your mobile data limit. Follow the image.

limit data usage

Auto-Update Apps.

When you switch on your mobile data you find a notification of updates of apps , this is because you did not activate the 'Update with Wi-Fi only' option in play store. To do that open play store > Settings > Auto-update apps and click auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

auto app update

Accounts & Sync.

Do you know that even your Social media accounts take up a large amount of data? Wondering how! this is just because you set your settings to sync with their servers to get notifications and e-mails and other stuff. To deal with this and save your data just head upto settings > Accounts & Sync and click on three dots on the top right corner and turn-off the option Auto-sync data.

However, this is highly recommended only when you are running out of Internet data! Turning-off this option may lead to disable your notifications and e-mails and all other stuff.

account and sync


Even widgets use your mobile data to refresh and connect to their servers to give you the latest information so, I highly recommend remove unused widgets and set the refresh limit to about 2 hours that saves you a lot of data.

android widgets

Restrict Background Data.

When you set up a mobile data limit, you notice that there are few apps that are beneath the data-usage chart. These apps are the Apps that use more amount of data and they even run in the background to connect with their servers. This drains you lot of Internet Data and ends you up with no data at the end. This is the situation where you guys have to show their wisdom and figure-out the monster that uses the most of your data and Restrict it from using Background data. It means that when you leave that app it restricts the app from any further usage of Data and saves you a lot of data.

But the only problem with this is that it restricts the app that it doesn't even allows it to show notifications, But using this option can make a difference in your usage of Internet data. Try to experiment by clicking on three dots the top right corner and select the option Restrict Background Data for the whole apps. That saves you a lot of Data!! But be careful you are not going to get any notifications as soon as you leave the app!

restrict background data

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YouTube & Google+.

I know everyone knows these two apps well, not well but will daily visit these two apps.But do you know that actually you can even reduce data while using them! Yes you heard it right! You have the option called Limit Data usage to reduce your data usage in YouTube and in Google+ you have an option called Conserve data usage to conserve your data. But both of these effect your Videos and Photos quality respectively.

And if you are an YouTuber, you have an other option called Uploads which allows you to upload only if you have Wi-Fi around you.

youtube and google

conserve data usage


There are many other apps that help to customize your Data Usage and maintain your Data-plan in a proper way. Some of them are Onavo Extend, Opera Max,Data Eye, etc.

And there you these are the few tips to save your Internet Data Limit from being extinct, and make you available to the rest of the world! Please feel free to comment below about one of your experiences where-in you were in short of Internet data Limit. And don't forget to follow tips to be a wiser guy!

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