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Top 11 Wireless/Bluetooth Headphones for Running

jabra-sport-pulse-promoIt might be your first workout this year and you feel like you might need a specific headphone: something recommended for outdoor activities. It is not easy to get what you want, but by research and testing, you will end up with close to what we suggest. In this article, we meet your needs and let you decide for a variety of what we have created. It may be the wireless or the cord headphones that you want, but the design controls the price. We, therefore, have some recommendations that feature over and under $50 budgets.

Extensive research is required to determine the right earphone for a workout. The earphone has to go through testing and reviews against other recommended products. They compete on the basis of toughness (water resistance etc.), weight (should be lightweight), how easy it fits, battery life, sound quality and cord or wireless design. During the endurance test, the earphones have to go through different stressors before the final report is given.

Comfort and stability are requirements in workouts. Affordability also is a consideration when looking for the right earphone for workout time. Quality can also mean, the ability to seal or block out distraction. It should also be user-friendly during setting up and installation. The earphones have to be able to charge quickly and designed for different wearing angles to suit different tastes; the hook contour design is frequent in modern technology.

  • What makes an exercise headphone

People now enjoy running, biking, hiking, hitting the gym and participating in fitness activities. This whole experience is not complete without adding a little media to it. There are enough media players, what is required is an earphone which can endure stressors like dropping, abusive use, sweat, rain and strains. Not all headphones can be useful in exercises, so the best has to be determined.

List of Wireless Headphones for Running ( by category and price range )

Sealed Bluetooth (cord-free without distractions)

Under $50

 Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds:

bluetooth headphone cheap

It operates the latest Bluetooth with premium drivers. You can access your music without reaching out for your phone. It provides a perfect fit due to its unique ear designed hook. It has resistance from moisture and has a long-lasting battery; with quick charging. With the advanced APTX sound technology, it provides quality volume and sound quality.

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Inteloo Bluetooth Headphones Pulsse PL-2060:

wireless bluetooth headphone by inteloo

Check all features and reviews, discounts here

It operates in the new Bluetooth technology and CSR 8645 Chipset. It can take calls and immediately resumes to music when you hang up. It has a long-lasting polymer battery that provides up to 8 hours music per single charge. It is compatible and uniquely designed to fit well in the ears.

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Above $50

JLab Epic Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Earbuds:

waterproof wireless headphones They have a sweat and waterproof standard rating of IPX4. The battery offers over 10 hours of use. The design incorporates inbuilt ear hooks for perfect fitting. waterproof headphonesThe vibrant sound quality is as a result of the C3 (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology.  Therefore, these sleek and lightweight earbuds offer long lasting performance; built for ergonomics. Its universal mic is a useful control system.

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JayBird BBX1MB BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones:

sport bluetooth headphone by jaybirdThis headphone was designed for music and phone calls. It provides remarkable sound quality when in use. It has a secure and flexible fit in the ears with protective capabilities against sweat and moisture. With over 8 hours of music play time, and with noise cancellation, it gives out pure audio experience and enjoyment.

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Unsealed Bluetooth (no cord, but situational awareness for safety)

Under $50

PLAY X STORE Stereo Bluetooth Sports:

PLAY X STORE sports earbudsThese earphones have the magnetic technology that keeps them intact. Security and comfort are provided by its contoured design for good ear fitting. With the stereo APT-X and the Bluetooth signal, your supply of music is flawless. Its durability is as a result of its waterproof feature and corrosion resistance characteristic. The battery offers 10 hours of playtime and 240 hours standby mode.

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TaoTronics TT-BH08 Ergonomic-Designed with Microphone:

TaoTronics headphone wirelessTaoTronics headphones It is designed from silicone gel that helps prevent it from sweat and water. Its design also features the ear ergonomics for a perfect fit. Its ceramic antenna and digital sound quality provide better reception and enjoyable entertainment respectively. With a single charge, you have 7 hours play time using the latest Bluetooth technology.

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Above $50

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones:

PLANTRONICS Binaural Bluetooth earbudsThe design is special in a way that the earbuds remain stable in your ear, regardless of the levels of exercise. It uses invisible Nano-coating technology to provide water and sweat resistance. It comes with an impressing long battery life (8 hours/charge), which can be extended by using the DeepSleep mode. It is easy to control since the control buttons are built on the earbuds. Safety is guaranteed by the ear tip design that keeps you aware of the surroundings during outdoor routines.click here button


PLANTRONICS Binaural Headset BackBeat Fit Blue

plantronics wireless waterproof headphonesThis product has incredible sound quality and easily fits to provide comfort. They are safe to use as they do not block away surrounding noise. Functionality is enhanced by giving you access to music without reaching out to your phone. It has an effective Bluetooth signal. It is also stable when in use and the design provides water and sweat resistance.click here button


Swimming and aquatic headphones (boaters, boarders, swimmers, surfers)

Under $50

Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones Enabling Flip Turns! *** 


Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof under 50 swimbuds waterproofSince it is waterproof (IPX8) most of the corrosion resistance is as a result of the gold plated stereo jack. Comes with a variety of earbuds to choose from, which are sealed for stability during flip-turns and other swimming activities. The quality of the sound is based on 2nd generation HydroBeat technology.

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Grace Digital GDI-AQBUD20 ECOXBUDS  (Waterproof), Black:

Grace Digital wireless headphoneDesigned to withstand heavy perspiration: 100% waterproof. Packed with a set of earplugs for personalization and secure or comfortable fit. It has a rich and dynamic bass for quality sounds.

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Above $50

Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones:

Swimbuds SPORT Headphones and 8 GBTo achieve the comfort required, the rugged design is meant to create a better fit and comes with varying earbuds to suit the athlete. Coming in a third generation Hydrobeat TM sound, it offers more sound quality. Comes packed in a short 40 cm cord: fewer interruptions.

The product meets IPX8 waterproof standards providing sealed swim buds. It has a rugged design for comfort and better fit. It is stable with a short cord, thus provides less interruptions while swimming.

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