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5 Best Screenshot Software for Windows

There is a whole host of screenshot tools available for Windows. The following are five of the best ones:
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Snipping Tool

It comes with all Windows versions from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Snipping Tool lets you capture the entire screen, specific windows, or selected areas of the screen.

It offers a choice of four capturing methods, and basic editing functions. You already have it on your system, so if you don’t really need high-powered screen capture capabilities, you need look no further.


If you do need to go high-power, Shotty has what you need.

Its ability capture the Aero-Glass effect, crop, caption, insert text into marked areas and to capture both selected windows and those running in the background, makes it the favorite of gangs of professional users. And it also allows you to upload images directly to your websites.

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Faststone Capture

This one is fast, light, flexible and highly responsive. It’s versatile too: it can capture multiple windows, selected areas and multi-level options, and even upload images to an FTP server, email them, or paste them into a Word document or Power Point for you.

It can be pre-set to automatically prompt you for a caption – great for producing screenshots in bulk.


This open source software makes it quick and easy to take and edit screen or selected area screenshots.

The Image Editor allows you to control the cursor even after taking the screenshot and to draw your own shapes, add text, conceal elements, fill in color -it’s a great, hard-working screenshot taker and editor.

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is the most comprehensive screenshot tool. Its options let you include special-effects, add objects and color, share the images. The built-in editor lets you select before-capture and after-capture settings.

Images can be shared through mailing lists or printed from the app. You can crop the image, resize it, adjust colors, alter transparency, enhance it or blur it. You can even take screenshots from across a network of connected screens. Only thing is, it may take a little time and effort to use Screenshot Captor to its full potential .

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