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Top 5 iOS App for Improvising Your iPhone Screenshot

You may not need any additional screenshot app for your iPhone as your phone is already equipped with built-in screenshot method and you know how to take Screenshot on iPhone. However, this method is very basic, which lead you to ask more. In the following segment, you will come to know about the five best iOS app that will give you more opportunity than just capturing the screenshot.

5 Best Screenshot App for iPhone

Pinpoint- Mark up Screenshots: Sometimes capturing screenshot just not the end of the business. Users may also need to mark a particular point with arrow or box or any other similar graphical reference. Your inbuilt screenshot plugin will not provide you with this facility, installing Pinpoint on you iPhone will allow you to do so. The app is developed by Lickability, and it will take only 11.1 MB of your phone storage.

Screenshot Journal: Screenshot Journal is one of the best app for archiving, inspecting and organizing your iOS screenshots. The app is developed by UI Forge LLC and it support multiple user language. You can also personalize your screen shot with text or shapes. So these are things make this app one of the best screenshot app for iPhone.

Stitch Screenshots: Have you ever wished to share your last night Whatapp chat with your best friend? But your inbuilt screenshot tool is not allowing you to capture the complete conversion. Well qiangfang li found out the perfect option for it. Their app Stitch Screenshots will allow you to take a screen shot of a long page, as the app will stich all the individual shot together.

Awesome Screenshot for Safari: As the name suggest, it is an awesome screenshot extension for Safari users on iOS. Diigo Inc. was the developer of the app, and the app will allow you to capture and share a complete webpage. Users can also annotate the screenshot with line, circle or other geometrical shapers.

Tailor- Automatic Screenshot Stitching: If you want to cover a long screenshot in only shoot then Tailor – Automatic Screenshot Stitching is the perfect option for you. The app is developed by the Foundry 63 and it is totally free to use.

So these are the five best capture screen app.  Install any of it and have fun with iPhone screen capturing.

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