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10 Free and Paid Weather Apps for iPhone

best iphone weather apps free and paid
Weather reporting and forecasting is one of the most commonly used apps in almost all the smartphones. A majority of them have them right at the home screen and some apps even provide a beautiful lock screen with weather updates.

So what do we expect to see in best weather app for iPhone?

Typically a weather app is expected to do the following:

    • Report weather, current condition of the locality using the GPS.
    • Update regularly, sometimes update intervals do matter.
    • Forecast the weather, hourly forecast, 5-days, 10-days, there are even some with 15-days forecast.
    • Provide adverse weather alerts, as accurately as possible.

These are the four basic functionalities on which the weather apps are generally rated on. Among them the most important is the accuracy of the adverse weather condition.

Most of the apps combine the four basic functions with a bunch of other functionalities like pulling up your schedule, including more meteorological data, battery alert, etc. These apps generally come with options to customize what the user prefers to view.
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Top 10 weather apps and widgets for iPhone in 2016.

Dark Sky


Apart from reporting and forecasting the weather, an important aspect of a weather app is to report the rainfall.

Dark Sky excels from its competitors in this area where it shows accurate rain forecasts, to the scale of minutes, using the information from radar mapping.

This makes the app a favorite, as no one wants to be unprepared for rain, at the same time over dressed only to find out that it did not rain. The latest updates from Dark Sky include long term forecasting, ranging from 24 hours to following week predictions.

    Accuweather Platinum

    ($3.99) Or Free

    For someone really interested in the meteorological world, Accuweather is a perfect app. The app provides immense amounts of data, which could be customized for a person based on the preference.

    The app comes with weather updates at a minute basis, and the forecasting extends from daily to 15 days.The app could also be integrated with your calendar, which could be very useful and be customized to provide alerts for adverse weather conditions.

    Accuweather comes in the free and paid version.The paid version has a very clean presentation, however, if you are ready to tolerate some banner ads over the screen, then the free version would be a wise choice.

    Yahoo Weather


    The yahoo weather app creates its own fan base for the weather app, through, probably the most beautiful interface out there.

    If the beautiful interface alone was not sufficient, the app gives you the feel of the location you are in by showing images of your location depending on the weather at that time.

    The app comes with a 5-day forecast, again packing a lot customizable information and along with interactive radar, heat and satellite mapping.

    The Weather Channel 


    Yet another app known for its beautiful interface, but still ranks below the Yahoo app.

    The Weather Channel app also comes with a lot of data which could be customized based on user preferences.

    Like some of the apps before this app also packs the interactive map which includes Doppler radar mapping for to show adverse weather forecast.

    The alerts option in the app keeps us informed on the adverse weather conditions on a regular basis.

    Weather Bug


    The WeatherBug app comes in with loads of data which could be selected based on ones preference.

    The app here integrates social media sharing, which enables you share the weather information or updates to your family, friends in a blink of a second.

    One of the special features of WeatherBug app is its lightening fast updates and alerts for adverse weather conditions.

    Weather underground app, similar to other apps, packs interactive radar and satellite maps for weather reporting and forecast.

    The specialty of this app is its accuracy over the forecasts.

    The Weather Underground is well known for assimilating the data from over 100,000 weather stations, thereby making it, probably, the most accurate weather forecasting app out there.

    Weather Line

    $2.99 or Free

    The Weather Line app stays true to its name, reporting the weather and forecast in the form of line graph.The basic ideology behind this app is to keep things very simple.

    A very simple interface is loaded with minimalistic data, represented in a simple manner through Line graphs, sits for a neat presentation.

    The app also excels in predicting the rainfall and is only second to Dark Sky in this aspect.

    Carrot Weather

    $3.99 or Free

    Carrot Weather app comes in with a very simple interface, making it a very neat app for displaying information.The app comes with a 7 days extended forecast, current weather report and hourly forecast/updates.

    Be ready to get surprised with a bit theatrics built into the app which changes depending on the weather conditions, and they do not fail to amuse you.

    Fresh Air


    One of the stock features of the app is to integrate the weather condition to the calendar events.The widget comes with integrated calendar which shows the upcoming events and the weather condition during those, so that you do not miss out on an extra jumper or umbrella when you have an important meeting.

    This weather app acts as an assistant alerting so that your schedule is not compromised.

    Wthr Complete


    Another app with a beautiful bright interface that is bound to cheer you up. The app has beauty integrated with the features.Wthr Complete comes packed with data which could be customized to user preferences.

    The place where Wthr Complete is really innovative and stands out to the other apps, is showing the average temperature of a location for a particular over up to 4 years.

    This is stand out unique feature, especially useful for the travelers.

    The big question is how to decide on an app. All of these apps are quite similar to one another in terms of options, what differs is the interface and accuracy of forecasts for your location. A good way to see what’s best for you is to play around with these apps, and discover which one you prefer. So start downloading!

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