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5 Chrome Plugins That Will Boost Your Productivity

Fed-up with the routine Google Chrome and wanted to add some flavor to it to make it your own? this is the right place for you! Here are five fantastic plugins for your chrome to boost your productivity.Without any delay lets dive into the topic.


#1. Momentum Dashboard

Have you ever wondered that you can customize your new tab and make it a place to be in! If so, Momentum is the app for you! Momentum is an absolute beauty which replaces your new-tab into a better place with extra-ordinary wallpapers, inspiring quotes, to-do lists to be focused and improve your productivity with every new-tab-load.​

Chrome Plugins That Will Boost Your Productivity

You can even add your focal point that day, I mean that you can set focus for that day and be focused and Productive. Ultimately it is a TAB that refreshes you and sets you to be focused and productive.​

#2 Pocket

​Wanted a cloud bookmark storage and even read them offline? Then you should be probably using Pocket, the best plugin of Chrome for cloud bookmarks. Its workflow is simple just add the article you wanted to add to pockets by clicking on Pocket logo on the top-right corner of the chrome and boom thats it!


Now you are good to go, all you need is go to the website Pocket signup for a free account and thats it! You can even view all your saved content offline with installing Pockets app in any of the platforms i.e. Android or IOS.

#3 Ad-block plus

Most of you probably know this extension. What it actually does is magic! It removes all ads that irritate you from any website you browse.

It even removes ads from YouTube, Facebook where you find most of the messy ads that shift our focus and waste our time. Using this app, helps you focus on your work back and be Productive.

Ad-block plus

#4 OneTab

​Ever stuck searching for appropriate tab from all of the tabs you opened? Don't worry I have a solution for you.Use this plugin from the Chrome Web Store called OneTab. This is the app that combines all the tabs in a single tab where you could find the list of all the tabs you opened which saves you time. This app also reduces Memory Usage upto 95% and reduces tab clutter.


#5 Plugins for Web Developers

​Last but not the least are the plugins that are very useful for a Web Developer. There are many plugins available for Web Developers in Web-Store, but these are some plugins that are considered very handy they are

  • MeasureIt, this app allows a user to measure any part of the website in terms of Pixels which helps a Developer to know exactly the placement, width, height and many others.
Plugins for Web Developers

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